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How it works...

You share with us what aspects of eating and cooking challenge you most.


We tailor our consulting series to help you avoid your most common pitfalls and build new healthy habits. 


Session 1 - Out with the old...We give your pantry a complete overhaul by cleaning out foods that are not in line with your goals. We also audit your kitchen cabinets to make sure you have the right gear to make cooking fun and simple. 


Session 2 - In with the new...Together we hit the shops where you'll discover healthy alternatives to old favorites, how to shop clean and what to look for on a label. 


Session 3 - Over to you...Roll up your sleeves and grab an apron because it's time for your in-home cook day, where we teach you some delicious new recipes, and how to replace ingredients with healthier alternatives. 





What you get...

Out of the rut that keeps you eating the same boring old foods, making the same unhealthy mistakes and feeling like you should be able to take control of your eating but can't.


Inspired, to open your pantry and fridge to find it filled with fresh, tasty options, no matter what restrictions your diet may dictate. 


Valuable knowledge you can share with your loved ones, pass on to your kids and use to improve the overall quality of your life and others, for generations to come. That's big!


A really fun experience, as we talk, clean, plan, shop, cook and laugh our rump roasts off!




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