Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food.

- Michael Pollan

Hello there,


Are you a nutritionist, dietitian or physician?


Do you ever wish you could follow your clients around to help them apply the dietary changes you’ve recommended? You know they could heal their bodies if only they were able to integrate the right foods into their lives.


As a personal chef, I am an extension of your practice, shopping and creating meals tailored specifically to your clients' dietary needs, while also providing them with delicious meals they can’t wait to eat. Use me to help your clients take action on your health and dietary advice. 


Our society’s health has steadily declined as people have forgotten how to cook and relied more and more on industrial food. I can help people come back to real food, cooked at home, and regain the health that is their birthright on this abundant planet. ​ 


I believe people can heal their bodies with whole organic foods and high quality herbs and spices. Unfortunately, this can be really daunting, even for folks who are already health conscious. There are so many habits and emotions wrapped up in eating, and even the smallest changes can be hard to make alone.


It's much easier for clients to adopt recommended dietary changes when offered the proper support. For those clients with even the most restricted diets, I use my understanding of how to prepare delicious and satisfying food, regardless of the parameters, to turn a limited diet into a happy reality. Healing begins. Lasting changes are made. It's a win-win all around!


Sometimes folks are already food savvy and highly motivated, but just need a little hands-on help to push off in a new direction. Others are starting with a Standard American Diet and need a lot of support and education to make necessary changes. Through my consulting services, I help clients learn to overhaul their pantry, shop for the highest quality products, make weekly meal plans and cook meals to optimize their wellness throughout the week. Through education and guidance, I empower people to help themselves.


When we work together, partnering your professional practice with my personal chef services, we can provide clients with the knowledge they need to change their lives, and the practical help to really do it!


Let's do this together!



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