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I am Chef Celeste Gustafson, Founder & Executive Chef of Celeste's Natural Kitchen, and I believe people can heal themselves with food. One of my greatest joys is hearing the happy sounds of pleasure when someone takes a bite of my food! This is especially true when it's someone who was given a restricted diet that they were sure was the END of fun forever!

My path to becoming a chef involved attending the California School of Herbal Studies, providing sales education workshops for herb companies, leading wild edible plant walks, teaching herbal medicine making, and many years of cooking. I honed my cooking skills by cooking thousands of creative meals for varying diets from scratch over 25 years. I am self-taught, which means that I focused on alternative cooking methods not taught in traditional culinary schools.

Together with my team of extraordinary chefs, we are committed to consciously sourcing the highest quality of ingredients, challenging ourselves to continually expand our menu options and to craft every dish as if it's for someone we love...because it is!

Over 30 Years

Helping People Heal Through Food

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